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  • Alohaveda
    Massage Clinic/Apothecary Store
    45-3396 Mamane Street
    Honokaa, Big Island

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    ALOHAVEDA WELLNESS Supergreen528hz on The Big Island, Hawaii, Hawaii offers a variety of treatments including Ayurvedic Treatments, Panchakarma, Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurvedic Retreat, Ayurvedic and Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage.

    We also offer Hawaiian Lomilomi, License Massage therapist (LMT) Training, Vegetarian Organic Ayurvedic Cooking Classes and Private Chef services.

    This program is designed to help rejuvenate the body, releasing stress and increasing wellness and vitality back to the original state of balance.

    Ayurveda is an ancient form of healing derived from India which dates back thousands of years. This healing technique has profound benefits on the mind and body and reconnects the relationship of both, to Nature and all of creation.
    Ayurveda means the “knowledge of truth.”

    Ayurveda is altogether wholesome, bringing together Ayurvedic treatments, Panchakarma (cleansing regime which should be performed at least twice a year), Meditation, daily routine, and tasty, unctuous, organic, vegetarian food which is cooked at the auspicious pre-dawn time of day using Ayurvedic Herbs to increase the digestion and assimilation of food and elimination of toxins.

    Toxins or Ama can be absorbed through the bodies tissues and organs from negative thinking, imbalanced emotions and relationships, food, lack of exercise and the environment. These toxins will then accumulate and aggravate the bodys’natural state of balance therefore eventually creating disease. Panchakarma is a natural organic way of releasing toxins from the body through a series of treatments performed daily for a set number of days depending on the persons availability and state of health. The result after Panchakarma is always profound. The body has the ability to heal, rest and rebalance while receiving Panchakarma which results in mental clarity, decreased stress in the tissues of the body and mind. All layers of the tissues come back into balance.

    Our state of mind is inevitably the focus on healing as it is the engine which drives the vehicle. Ayurvedic treatments, meditation, healing foods are all integrated to rebalance, refocus our way of thinking which then programs messages to the body’s tissues for healing and rejuvenation.

    Hawaiian Lomilomi Ho’opono’pono is a healing massage which reconnects your heart back to yourself. This massage is a traditional Kauaian healing technique passed down from a local Hawaiian family living in the Hanalei Valley. I am honoured to have been taught this wonderful spiritual practice which focuses on forgiveness, releasing negative thoughts and words from the mind and body. Traditionally the massage is performed for many hours, massaging the body until the worries, stresses and strains are removed from the body and the breath can enter on all levels, leaving the body and mind ‘soft’ again.

    ALOHAVEDA WELLNESS is brought to you for health, healing, connection and happiness. Find the BLISS within, as underneath all the layers that is what you will find.